John MagufuliDubbed the Bulldozer President, John Magufuli is showing that politicians can have some level of integrity.




John Magufuli is a breath of fresh air. Generally, when it comes to politics, I struggle to want to pay attention to anything that politicians say or do. The only thing that ever really changes are the faces spewing the messages but in terms of society, it always feels like more of the same.

These days, at least for me, speeches from politicians very rarely a source of inspiration. It got so bad that I even wrote a song about basically wiping out all politicians without an ounce of remorse. I’m yet to record it though as I’m still struggling with the contradiction to my moral standards, but only just.

Recently, however, President John Magufuli was brought to my attention. Finally, a politician doing things that I can have some respect for. At the time of writing this, he has been in office 9 months. Here are some of the things that he has managed to do so far that.

  • Suspended Independence Day celebrations to encourage a national clean-up day which he himself got involved in. As many people were dying of Cholera, he felt it more important to clean up the environment than spend money on celebrations.
  • Banned foreign travel for all senior government officials except for when it is deemed to be essential saving the country millions of shillings. He also banned first class and business class travel for these officials.
  • After recognising corruption in the management of a hospital, John Magufuli fired the director and all the board members of the hospital and gave a 2-week deadline for improvement of the hospital. An improvement was then achieved within 3 days. Imagine if that level action was applied to the NHS.
  • Slashed budget for State dinner to open Parliament from 300 million shillings to 25 million shillings and used the savings to buy new beds for the hospital.

The slogan for his campaign was , which translates to ‘just work’ and that is what he is getting everyone to do. No excuses, just work. Now the country is seeing true reform in the way the government is serving the country and much less corruption.

A true inspiration. I just hope that the truly honourable John Magufuli continues to move with this level of purpose and integrity throughout his term as president. Now if politicians around the world would follow suit, maybe we can finally begin to see the change Obama was ‘talking’ about.