When life presents you with an opportunity for a fresh start, just take it.

While it may be true that we only have one life to live, there’s nothing stopping having multiple new beginnings throughout your lifetime. Sometimes it pays to maintain commitment to a dream or a goal but it does make sense to take some time every now and again to reflect on why you are doing the things you do and whether or not you are getting any value or fulfillment from the journey.

Life has certainly taken me off my journey with music. The detour came a few years ago when the hard drive on my computer crashed. Then a week later, my backup hard drive malfunctioned as well. Which means that all my work over the years was lost…..it was devastating but also somewhat cathartic.

From that point, my focus was no longer on music and that didn’t feel strange….which in itself is strange considering how big a part of my life music was. For whatever reason now, the universe has revived my desire to create music again so the journey will continue

I still feel like there’s more to gain from my journey with music so let’s call it a fresh start. 

The Black Lion Chronicles is the name I have given to what I plan to be my 13 chapter/album journey in music. Although it originally began in 2009, life did not really accommodate the smooth release of all the chapters to the schedule that I wanted, but let’s see if things pan out differently this time. 

The revised versions of three chapters that have been released so far are available here. The next release, Chapter 4, should be out Friday 13th November with the remaining chapters to follow. 

As they say, when man makes plans, God laughs so of course , only time will tell if I get to chapter 13.

If you want to join me on the journey, the best way will be to join my mailing list.

Have you decided to make a fresh start recently? 

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