The Capture of escaped prisoners within one week shows the importance of forward planning

forward_thinking_bleeIt might not be the best story to base the importance of strategic planning on but this story did certainly highlight that to me. Whether it be in your music career, family life, health and wellness, the benefits of devising a sensible path is always better than the opposite.

To plan to break out of prison is no simple thing. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into this operation….at least for the breaking out part. Not so sure that they gave as much forward planning for the staying outside of things.

Here are three steps you can take to try and avoid a plight similar to these guys;

Set Clear Goals

It’s important that you have a clear image of where your headed and what your goal is. The more detailed you can be about this the better. One great exercise to help with this is to perceive your goal using as many of your senses as possible. What does it look, feel, taste, sound and smell like? Get a vivid image in your mind of your objective and keep it there.

Tap into Your Psychic Powers

I know, I know, we as humans are not yet convinced of our power to read the future. Despite this, you have to try as much as possible to predict possible outcomes and plan for these possibilities. It doesn’t make sense to put extensive planning into each possibility. That’s just inefficient. However, there will be some obvious outcomes that you can prepare for so do that. In the case of these escapees, one possible outcome they should have predicted was getting caught if they stayed in London!

Damage Control

Part of anticipating what may go wrong in the process of forward planning is being able to minimise things that could go wrong. Of course, this is not an exact Science and it will require some of that ever elusive element called common sense. You should be able to determine which outcomes are likely and be able, to some extent, put some plans in place to minimise the risk of these things happening.

Of course, I’m not saying that it’s easy to engage in forward planning all the time but you should know by now those good things in life don’t really come without effort. Some attributes/skills that you will need to be an effective plan maker are;

  • Discipline
  • Critical Thinking
  • Patience
  • Imagination

Now by no means am I trying to encourage people to break of a prison of support that in any way but I just like to see people succeed when they clearly put a lot of effort into something. These guys took a brave step in their breakout and impressively made it out but they recapture was a little disappointing. Good, possibly, from the perspective of public safety but just totally disappointing from the perspective of forward planning.

Here’s hoping that you can set clearer goals and achieve them whatever your line of work is. No, if only I could follow this advice….

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