Conscious Hip Hop is probably the last thing you would associate with Lil Wayne but dig deep enough, there’s some compassion for humanity there.

Lil Wayne Conscious Hip Hop

It’s easy to see why people love to hate Lil Wayne. Ultimately it’s because when it comes to lyricism, he is one of the greatest to date. I can understand the frustration of some that say his talent should be used in a more positive way but let’s be honest, it’s probably unlikely that he would have been as successful as he is now had he chosen a path of conscious hip hop.

Of course the idea of success is subjective but in this case, I’m referring to financial success. People just don’t respond to positive, socially conscious music the same way as they do to music about sex, drugs and violence. The burden can’t just rest on the artists, the listeners have just as much responsibility in the content of popular music.

Amidst the fog of money, sex and drugs however, Here are a few moments where you see another side to Lil Wayne. A more socially conscious side.

Georgia Bush

How To Love

Tie My Hands

My Generation

Do you know any other moments where Wayne spits conscious Hip Hop? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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