Dear Heinz Ketchup

So the other day I was forced to do something I promised myself I would never do again. In the middle of cooking, I ran out of ye old tomato sauce so had to quickly run to the shop, mid cooking, to grab some. Lo and behold, all that was available was heinz ketchup in the glass bottle

….the same said bottle I swore I would never purchase again but on this occasion I had go back on my word.

#bleerant why heinz?
As I stood there shaking the hell out of this bottle and slapping the base until palm turned red only to get uncontrollable amounts of ketchup come out, I looked at the label of the manufacturer and just thought WHY??!! Why Heinz?! Why do you still insist on making ketchup in glass bottles? Who the hell is giving you the feedback that this bottle is a good idea?

I’m no expert in manufacturing but I would think that it is cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly to make plastic bottles. After all, plastic is easier to recycle than glass not to mention the fact that it’s so much easier to control the amount of ketchup that comes out of a plastic bottle. Plus I can imagine you lose a lot of stock due to breakage with the glass bottle…..that wouldn’t with plastic!

Maybe I’m missing something……I mean I get that it might be the original style of bottle used and you’re holding on to traditional values but if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to retire the bottle and preserve it in a glass case in a Heinz museum or something?

Help me out here….why is ketchup still being made in a glass bottle and is there anyone out there who can actually make a case for the glass bottle?