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It’s lust, I don’t really wanna hear you talk
Just hush, anything you’ve got to say to me
Just touch, and let your body talk to me


I see the S in your eyes, the E on your lips
The X on your chest girl you know what’s coming next
I know you see my me desire making an appearance 
In my jeans, and you’re about to give me clearance
To touch down, get close and squeeze
Cheek to cheek, breast to chest, knees to knees
We so close we could synchronise heart beats
We bout to set off the sprinklers with all this heat
Last I heard hey were playing Ludacris 
But we grinding like it’s a slow jam
I know there’s people staring but I’m not really shook
Cauz all the blood from my head my manhood took
I slide my hands down your back to cup your booty
You sink your nails in my flesh reacting to me
As I feel your warm breath against my neck
I’m eagerly anticipating what’s coming next


Thought I was in control until you took me by the hand
To lead me out the club at only 2am
It’s either that I trust you or I’ve lost my mind 
To not know where I’m going and leave my ride behind
But curiousity is killing me
And this jones in my bones has got to be fulfilled B
You cross your legs in the cab trying to control the heat
 But I know you gon’ leave a wet patch on the seat 
As you slowly reach for your keys
The look in your eyes is just tempting me
To kick in your door, pick you up round my waist
And put you against the wall
Ecstacy without speech, next to me you gon’ reach
As I hit you with that small island therapy
The perfect combination of pleasure and pain
No names necessary girl I’ll see you again


No words necessary, I see it in your walk
Got the makings for a fire all you need is a spark
No words necessary, I see it in your smile
You’ve been wanting some of this passion for awhile
No words necessary, I see it your face
I sense t in your touch and the way your lips taste
No words necessary, I hear it in your moans
We in the zone, for sure, we in the zone

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