Not All About The Benjamins

Not All About The Benjamins

Although it’s always easier to walk away from a job you don’t like and say it’s not all about the Benjamins when you have money, I see bravery in the decision Larry Sanders made to […]


Is Life Harder When Black?

Is life really harder when Black? Of course it is, because we’ve made it like that. The good news is though, you don’t have to be black. When I say we, I mean people as […]


Dear Heinz Ketchup

So the other day I was forced to do something I promised myself I would never do again. In the middle of cooking, I ran out of ye old tomato sauce so had to quickly […]

Blee Life

Blee Life (Official Music Video)

Blee releases a new single called Life. The new single paints a vivid picture of the struggles of the black race while simultaneously calling for love, unity and forgiveness to move forward. The lyrics in […]


Feeling Like A King Streetstyle Version

What it means to wake up Feeling Like A King Just another day on the streets of London. We were doing shooting at various locations in East London and through a random series of events, […]