What Are We Missing When We Try So Hard

Are we missing the magic that lies within our spirit when we try so hard to accomplish things for the ego?

Spider-web-try-so-hardI was taking some time out to sit in a park just contemplating life and I happened to glance at a spider constructing a web. I watched in awe as it constructed a masterpiece of a web without a blueprint….

Furthermore, as far a I know, spiders don’t go to schools, don’t strive to get degrees or any other form of qualifications and yet they master the art of web construction. When you actually look at a spider at work, it doesn’t even look like they try so hard.

You can see many examples of this inherent mastery in nature from birds to reptiles and it got me thinking, what are we missing when we put so effort to satisfy ego-based desires? To ‘achieve’ according to the standards of these civilisations we’ve created? Is there an inherent magic and magnificence that we overlook when focus so much on the ego.

I believe there are two aspects of our existence; the ego and the spirit and as far as I can see, all effort comes from the ego. To access the spirit and feel that magic that we have all been gifted with I think lies in the ability not to try so hard……just be.

Of course when you have bills and mouths to feed that’s easier said than done but like most things in life, I believe it’s all about finding balance.