This Waka Flocka Flame Interview Floored Me

I’ll be real, I never pictured myself sitting down for half an hour to watch a Waka Flocka Flame interview but I’m truly happy I did.

To be honest, I never really listened to his music. I just remember the way he was marketed when I was first exposed to him and realised that I wasn’t his target market, to put it politely. For me, I don’t separate the music from the creator so consequently I never gave him a chance either.

When a good friend of mine sent me an email with the subject line “Watch this Waka Flocka Flame interview”, I thought it was a wind up but I’m I took the time to watch it.

I am humbled and inspired by the wisdom that comes from Waka during this interview. This is the level of consciousness other rappers in the game should be aspiring to #respectyourlegacy