This Guy Highlights One of the Things Wrong With America

I guess it’s fair to say there are many things wrong with America but Martin Shkreli brings to light one of them in this interview

In case you don’t know who this guy is, he is most recently known for paying $2 million to buy the Wu Tang Clan album


RT @WSJ: Martin Shkreli faces copyright suit involving Wu-Tang album
I can’t say I know know much about this guy but from what I did know, I wasn’t much of a fan. Saying that though, I was willing to hear his perspective in this interview. While it gave me more of an understanding if where he’s coming from, the one statement that stood out for me the most was when he said
“In law, you can be prosecuted for not maximising profits” ……….wwhhhhhaaaaaattttttt!
Now he stated this to justify the fact that his pharmaceutical company increased the price of a drug to help with HIV from $18 to $750. In his mind, it makes perfect sense.  Now I get it, there’s no room for compassion in capitalism but is it me or is that not one of things wrong with America?
Yes everybody has to make a living but when you can actually celebrate and feel good about hiking up a medical product so high in price, there’s got to be some sort of distortion in values somewhere.


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