Racism is hurled at student, Principal says it’s just words

I don’t know why I keep believing that racism is a thing of the past, but seriously, you’re racist in 2015?

I mean, I know that we haven’t evolved beyond racism and racially based thinking yet. I mean hell, I did a damn song about it inspired by our current climate. Yet somehow, every time I hear a story like this, it just breaks my heart. I shouldn’t be surprised that this happens but on some level I am.

Maybe I’m just used to racism being so subtle in London these days that I usually have to question whether it’s real or it’s just my paranoia but when it’s as blatant as this, it bothers me….it hurts. Particularly when it’s a young person being victimised.

I remember the last time I experienced blatant racism a couple years ago I just had to laugh. I was on a bus walking to get a seat and this guy, slightly intoxicated from what I could remember, said while looking out the window away from, “go sit at the back of the bus you n$*%%$”. I could feel the nervousness of the other passengers on the bus as if they were expecting me to explode and attack this guy but I just looked at him, laughed and took my seat. I was genuinely amused that a racist was sitting 2 feet away from me. It was like looking at Big Foot.

Is there more that we should be doing to move beyond this ignorance? How do we put an end to racism once and for all?
End racism