Never Seen A Man Cry….to this day

Never Seen A Man Cry

I can still feel the mixture of excitement and frustration I felt when I first fell in love with this song. I still don’t know what the appeal was to the 12 year old version of me but Never Seen A Man Cry by Scarface was the first Hip Hop track that really moved me.

Sitting there on the floor, legs crossed, in front of my mother’s stereo with pen and notepad in hand furiously playing and stopping the cassette tape so I could write out all the lyrics to the song. I remember it taking me over an hour to decipher all the words in every line. Now that’s what I call dedication.

Once that was done though, it was a two man show with me rapping along with Uncle Scarface. Good times….. still feel a connection to Never Seen A Man Cry and hope you can feel the magic I felt years ago