Get Familiar with the Moon Face Riddim

Get Familiar with the Moon Face Riddim


Respect Your Legacy Records Launches the Moon Face Riddim

Now that I’ve finally to get the new label up and running, I can focus on putting out more music. First up, the Moon Face Riddim.

Initially this riddim was for a track called ‘Next Time Around’ on the Choose Love album but after a number of artists started telling that they wanted to vibe something on it, I decided to do it as a riddim release.

The Moon Face Riddim features artists from Jamaica, Italy, UK and St Croix, each song bring a unique and infectious vibe. Listening to this riddim always makes me tilt my head and look to the sky which is why I came up with that name.

Here is tegh tracklist;


Make It – Singa Vytal
Street Life – Rudeboy Jett
Abba Keddus – Hempress Kango
Hunt Fi Di Money – Halogy
Metropolis – Mani Comio
Next Time Around – Blee feat. ryaneye
Riddim Instrumental