Get Familiar with the Moon Face Riddim


Respect Your Legacy Records Launches the Moon Face Riddim

Now that I’ve finally to get the new label up and running, I can focus on putting out more music. First up, the Moon Face Riddim.

Initially this riddim was for a track called ‘Next Time Around’ on the Choose Love album but after a number of artists started telling that they wanted to vibe something on it, I decided to do it as a riddim release.

The Moon Face Riddim features artists from Jamaica, Italy, UK and St Croix, each song bring a unique and infectious vibe. Listening to this riddim always makes me tilt my head and look to the sky which is why I came up with that name.

Here is tegh tracklist;


Make It – Singa Vytal
Street Life – Rudeboy Jett
Abba Keddus – Hempress Kango
Hunt Fi Di Money – Halogy
Metropolis – Mani Comio
Next Time Around – Blee feat. ryaneye
Riddim Instrumental