Mallence Bart Williams on Sharity not Charity

This Ted Talk by Mallence Bart Williams gave me a different level of chills up my spine

“I believe charity merely creates inferiority and dependency…’s about sharity, not charity.”

“A concept based on mutual respect and sharing”

From the moment of the greeting she grips you with a delivery that feels ao pure, so authentic that you have no choice but to listen to every word she speaks….and feel the power of every syllable.

In under ten minutes, Mallence Bart Williams gives an education of Africa that is more real than anything I’ve ever come across in Western curriculums.

“Why is it that 5000 units of our currency is worth 1 unit of your currency when we are the ones with the actual gold reserves?”

When we really understand what ‘charities’ like Red Cross, Life Aid, Unicef, Oxfam and other major charities do to perpetuate the idea that Africa is poor and in need of help from the West, we should immediately see the need to stop supporting them if we truly care about creating a better world.

“While one hand gives under the flashing lights of cameras, the other takes in the shadows.”

For me, Mallence Bart Williams is the type of woman that should have her own reality TV show. The type of woman we should want our daughter to admire and aspire to emulate.