Looks Like Life’s A Little Harder When You’re Kim Kardashian – West

I was exposed to all the hype surrounding the recent Kim K-W photo shoot before I saw the pics so I was expecting some scandalous snaps….. then I saw them.. come one people, it’s 2014.


Kim Break The Internet Papermag.com

To be fair though, it wouldn’t have mattered how scandalous the pictures were, the sad thing in this situation is how easily and quickly people are to judge and condemn her for what she has done. Whatever happened to freedom of expression? If Kim is comfortable taking photos of this nature and is happy to do so, what gives anyone the right to judge?

It’s either that we want to live in a world where people are free to express themselves how they want or we live in a world where everything we do, we do to please others even at the expense of our happiness. Pardon my French but F%&$ that! I choose freedom of expression any day. I would not want to live my life as a prisoner to the opinions of others.

I see some people blasting Kim for being a hypocrite because apparently a few years ago she said on a video that she would never do another naked photo shoot again. So? Be honest with yourself a moment here. How many times in your life have you said you would never do something again and turn around and do it? I know I have experienced that several times, it’s part of being human. We all make mistakes. The lesson to learn here is never say never.

Don’t be so arrogant with your current perspective on life…., it will change. As the immortal phrase credited to Socrates states

“The only true wisdom, is knowing that you know nothing”

Why should Kim live her life according to your standards and opinions? To be honest, in the name of compassion and fairness, I think we owe Kim an apology for all the judgement and criticism hurled her way. Now that’s something that would break the internet! I respect her courage for embracing her body as she has and doing her. Live free.

It’s not her fault that the world is the way it is or that it has the history of racism, double standard and discrimination that it has. We’re all responsible for that in some way or another. One thing’s for sure though, until we start introducing a little more love and compassion into the way we treat each other, the climate of our future will be no different than it has apparently always been.

It seems like it’s so easy for people to forget that we are dealing with a human being here, someone with feelings just like you. #chooselove #respectyourlegacy #life