Fresh Start is the Best Part of Life

When life presents you with an opportunity for a fresh start, just take it.

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While it may be true that we only have one life to live, there’s nothing stopping having multiple new beginnings throughout your lifetime. Sometimes it pays to maintain commitment to a dream or a goal but it does make sense to take some time every now and again to reflect on why you are doing the things you do and whether or not you are getting any value or fulfillment from the journey.

A few months ago a fellow music maker and friend of mine, the man formerly known as ClassyMenace, made just such a clean break and started on a new path. We met a few years back and connected instantly based on a shared level of passion for music.

We’ve kept in touch over the years and have on a number of projects so when he announced that he was walking away from music, there was a moment of disbelief which soon turned into an incredible amount of admiration. I know the courage it takes to do something like this and I will be watching and supporting him as he embarks on how new venture Knoble Journey.

My fresh start is not quite as drastic as that yet as I still feel like there’s more to gain from my journey with music, but I am making some changes. With the creation of a new logo more representative of the number 13 theme recently, I felt the need to lay new foundations for The Black Lion Chronicles series.

Fresh Start

The Black Lion Chronicles is the name I have given to what I plan to be my 13 chapter/album journey in music. Although it originally began in 2009, life did not really accommodate the smooth release of all the chapters that I wanted, so it’s time for a fresh start. The three chapters that have been released so far will get a bit of a revision and re-release.

Although I want to keep as much of the original track listing  as possible from these chapters, as they demonstrate how the music has evolved over the years, there will be some new and previously unreleased material thrown in here and there so even if you’ve heard them before, there will be something new for you to enjoy.

Here’s the planned schedule

Chapter 1 – Respect Your Legacy – March 13th
Chapter 2 – The Second Son – April 13th
Chapter 3 – Choose Love – Friday May 13th

After this, all the chapters will be released on Friday the 13th as per the original plan which means that Chapter 13, the final chapter of The Black Lion Chronicles will be released on Friday the 13th May 2022.

If you want to join me on the journey, the best way will be to join my mailing list.

Have you decided to make a fresh start recently?