Choosing a Favourite Song is Like Choosing a Favourite Child

So one of you beautiful people put a question to me that had me looking at a speech cloud above my head….”What is your favourite song of the ones you’ve made?”

Favourite Song

This one is tricky to because I like each of the songs for different reasons. Since I had too much trouble trying to choose one song, I decided to make it a little easier on myself by choosing one song from each of the chapters of the Chronicles so far. In terms favourite song, I’m choosing them based on the song I had the most fun making.

The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 2: Respect Your Legacy

Well surprise, surprise my top number from this album is of course Respect Your Legacy. I could remember waking up on a Saturday morning with the melody to this one in my head. I knew straight away that I had to create a song from it so there I was humming it over and over to myself waiting for my computer to boot up so I could record it into Logic. Too many times before I had allowed a melody to fade away because I got distracted. Once I laid the main melody down, everything else just flowed and within an hour, the song was more or less completed. I love it when thing

The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: The Second Son

It’s a little more tricky with this album to choose a favourite as I enjoyed the making of so many of these songs but I would have to say ‘Natural Ting’. I had actually hit somewhat of a creative block with this album about half way through the creation of this album and wasn’t sure where to turn. It was only when one of friends asked me if I would consider letting someone else write lyrics for me to which I responded “I’m too cool for that” which became the hook line for ‘Natural Ting’

The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 4: Choose Love

Again, really can’t choose a favourite song from this album but in terms of the song I had the most fun making, I would say it’s ‘Lose Myself’. I wrote this song while on a coach from Birmingham to London (the beauty of modern technology). I remember loosely getting inspired by this family that was on the coach. It was a couple and their four children who were all hyper and a handful to deal with. The dad was jumping out of his seat every two minutes trying to calm them down while the mother spent the whole journey just gazing out the window completely un-phased by their behaviour. It was hella funny!!

So there you go. Not quite my favourite song but close enough.

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