Moon Face Riddim

Get Familiar with the Moon Face Riddim

  Respect Your Legacy Records Launches the Moon Face Riddim Now that I’ve finally to get the new label up and running, I can focus on putting out more music. First up, the Moon Face Riddim. […]

Enemy to the Black Community

Why BET is an enemy to the Black Community

You probably wouldn’t expect it to be so But Dr Boyce Watkins breaks down why BET is an enemy to the Black Community. The argument he puts across against BET is well put together and […]

God Could Be the Biggest Catfish Ever

Ok, technically a Catfish is someone who lures another into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona. However, remove the online aspect and when it comes to God, we could be dealing with the […]

This Waka Flocka Flame Interview Floored Me

This Waka Flocka Flame Interview Floored Me

I’ll be real, I never pictured myself sitting down for half an hour to watch a Waka Flocka Flame interview but I’m truly happy I did. To be honest, I never really listened to his […]

The Natural Hair Movement Rolls On

As I’m sure you can tell from my recent song Natural Hair, I am definitely an advocate of the movement It’s deeper than just a dislike for weaves in general, as a matter of fact, […]