forward planning

Forward Planning – A little Won’t Hurt You

The Capture of escaped prisoners within one week shows the importance of forward planning It might not be the best story to base the importance of strategic planning on but this story did certainly highlight […]

Bayyinah Bello

The Honourable Bayyinah Bello

I first discovered Bayyinah Bello while researching the Haitian Revolution and was immediately touched by her spirit   Bayyinah Bello is a queen hailing from Haiti who, according to wikipedia, is a historian, teacher, writer […]

Why Are the Gods of Egypt White

Why are The Gods of Egypt White?

You can get away with brown maybe but it ancient times why are the people and the Gods of Egypt White Son: Dad I thought Egypt was in Africa? Dad: It is son Son: But […]

Mallence Bart Williams

Mallence Bart Williams on Sharity not Charity

This Ted Talk by┬áMallence Bart Williams gave me a different level of chills up my spine “I believe charity merely creates inferiority and dependency…’s about sharity, not charity.” “A concept based on mutual respect and […]