Blee Day Free Music Downloads

There’s always room on your hard drive for some free music downloads

As I write this there is only 10 minutes until the end of Friday the 13th AKA Blee Day.

Normally this is the day I would release another chapter of the Black Lion Chronicles but as there are essentially 3 Blee days this year. February, March and November. I thought it might be a bit much to produce three full length albums in one year so I’ll be giving away some free music instead this Blee Day…… and probably the next one too. I think it makes sense to wait until November to release the next chapter of the Chronicles.

Here are 2 free music downloads for you to enjoy. Both are mashups of my songs with a couple of chart toppers. Rude by Magic mashed with Life and Chandelier by Sia mashed with Feeling Like The King. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Life mashup free music downloads
Feeling Like A king free music downloads

There’s a lot of changes coming with the launch of my new label Respect Your Legacy Records over the next few months with a lot of great new music to come as well.

Until next time, when there will be more free music downloads for you to enjoy, seek the company of those looking for the truth and stay away from those who have found it.