God Could Be the Biggest Catfish Ever

The Biggest Catfish Ever MensOk, technically a Catfish is someone who lures another into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona. However, remove the online aspect and when it comes to God, we could be dealing with the Biggest Catfish Ever!

One thing I think all people can agree on is that the existence of God, whatever God you choose to believe in, is based on faith. No one can demonstrate with absolute certainty that God actually exists and this is why I believe theses plots to get us to believe in God via religion could end up being the biggest catfish ever.

Now of course I am only referring to the God described by religious text. The text that sells us the story of eternal happiness in heaven as long as we submit completely to the will of God as laid out in said text. As the idea that these books were written by God is based on faith, then there is every chance that the devil is actually the one behind all religions.

If you’ve ever seen the MTV show Catfish, then you understand exactly how they operate. The whole point of the deception is to tap into what you want to believe. Your ideal partner and sell you on that idea. Give that, surely a being like the devil would be best placed to be the biggest catfish ever.

Clearly the devil would be many times more powerful, smarter and more cunning than we are so the concept that he, or she, is actually behind religion is actually not that crazy of an idea. If the devil was going to trick us, this is exactly what would make sense. Sell us on the ideas of what we want to hear and are likely to accept, get us to believe in an idea, exactly like the modern day catfish do online and then, when the time comes for the big reveal, bam! The biggest catfish ever.

Now on some level this might seem like a joke but if you think about it, I mean really think about it critically, you might be able to open your mind to the possibility that the devil is actually behind all organised religion. Give the devil some credit after all. If he/she was going to try and win our souls then coming to us with horns and a tail wouldn’t make much sense now would it, but coming to us in the form of religion….now there’s a plot worthy of the experience of one that has existed since the dawn of creation.

The trouble is, the only way we can ever know whether or not this is the case, whether or not God is biggest catfish ever of all time is when we die. C’est la vie.