Bandcamp Saves the Day Despite the curse of 13

The curse of 13 strikes again but luckily Bandcamp saves the day.

So in case you don’t know, I have laid claim to Friday the 13th and have branded it Blee Day. A day I reserve for the release of my albums The Black Lion Chronicles. The chronicles are basically written, produced and engineered by me so basically showcase my musical legacy.

The plan when I started the Chronicles in 2010 was to release 13 chapters, each containing 13 tracks and each released on Friday the 13th……life of course had other plans, so to date, there have only been 3 chapters released.

I have had some friends say to me that it’s the curse of the number 13 that always seems throw some unexpected obstacles in the way but that wasn’t gonna stop me……although to be fair, some things have slowed me down.

Bandcamp saves the day

New Blee Logo

Well for 2016 I had a renewed focus on music and decided to sort of restart the journey. So with a new logo and a new album cover design, I decided to get to work remixing and remastering the 3 chapters, Respect Your Legacy, The Second Son and Choose Love.

After weeks of work in the studio, I remember the final day being a 16 hour session after which I was burnt out…but, there was just enough energy left for me to upload the album tracks to Bandcamp….and I am eternally grateful I did.¬†Bandcamp saves the day.

The very next morning, I booted up my laptop, attached my hard drive as normal so I could start uploading the albums to my aggregator for distribution to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc and the hard drive didn’t wanna play ball… just died on me. Tried a few tricks to try and revive it, that numbness now setting in that there was over 500 gigs of data on there that wasn’t backed up, but nothing was happening….Took it to my local IT specialist who said they may be able to help but they would need a week.

Well I didn’t have a week. I needed to get my albums off for distribution. This is where Bandcamp saves the day. All because I managed to take the time to upload the files the night before, I at least had all the albums available for download which allowed me to get them off to the distributor.

Well it’s Friday the 13th and despite the little challenge, the albums are now available everywhere but especially on Bandcamp.

As for the hard drive, let’s just say life goes on and there’ll be more music.

Bandcamp saves the day.